About us

About us

The Company is family owned and was founded in 2010.
We are self-funded and started under the name System-Enterprises LLC.


The Company is family owned by Judith Schwyter and Steven Mueller (Wife and Husband).


Raphael | Steven Mueller | Judith Schwyter | Philippe

Steven has been in business of manufacturing products and distribution since 1996.

He had a company in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia for 10 years and developed over 400 SKU for the automotive industry.

Steven sold to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Toyota and several others, with a team of 14 fulltime sales people.

 We understand the needs of small and large companies and also understand extremely well, product quality and consistency.


Customized to our needs a secure full ERP and CRM system (not cloud based)

Customers we’ve sold to and sell to

Thousands of specialty stores in the USA (Toy, Gift, Beach, Convenient Stores)
International importers around the world
Mid-tier and mass market Toys “R” Us, Michaels, Cracker Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond,
Macy’s, Modell’s, Dunham’s Brookstone, Olympia Sport, Hallmark and many more.


We create high quality, unique and extremely fun products.
We are looking forward to doing business with your great company and will supply you with amazing products which sell great and make your customers happy!